Who we are?

Our compnay founded in 1996. The AIRENG COMPANY is offering Centrifugal Fans, Hi-Pressure Fans, Axial Fans Air handling equipment in the Fan Industry. This efficient, economical and compact line of Fans and fan-based machinery is produced in a new modern plant equiped with the fine metal fabrication machinery. Skilled craftsmen, backed by experienced design engineers, combined with our new facility; assures the best in Quality Equipment.

With an expanding line of equipment to offer, the AIRENG COMPANY has experienced and capable representation ready to assist engineers, architects, consultants and industrial users in the specific choice of equipment; best suited to the requirements at their hands. Factory engineering personnel, with computer availability for rapid calculations and in offering technical help whenever it may be required.
Future Goals
We beleive that our values are vital to our customers and to our business. Taking pride in our values and living by them not only strengthens our presence in the marketplace but more importantly creates long-term benefits for our customers and employees alike.

Over a decade, innovating and engineering has gone into the AIRENG penumatic conveying systems, we offer today.

Virtually any type of dry product can be handled with air. Dry powders, grain, pellets, granules, flakes, chips and shells are very commonly moved through the processing system using pneumatic conveying.

We have moved from sand to wood saw dust, powders, tobacco and wood shavings with pneumatic conveying systems. Pakistan Tobacco Company, Khyber Tobacco Company, National Foods, Shan Foods, Uni-Lever Pakistan are our prominent customers in pneumatic conveying systems.