Centrifugal Backward Curved SWSI Fans

Size 12 to 72
DWDI Arrangement
Self Aligning Ball Bearings
Available both in Direct and Belt
Drive Configurations
Carbon Steel Shaft

A typical rugged units with heavy gauge sheets and bracing with mild steel structure provide strength and rigidity for long service life. Ready access to the motor and study motor base provides for quick and accurate belt adjustment and ease of maintenance.

Properly sized shaft and bearings of heavy duty, self-aligning type. The fan shafts are properly sized and are made of carbon steel 1040. Close tolerance are maintained where the shaft makes contact with bearings and fan wheel hub. Bearings are either ball or roller type dependent upon the size and class of fan involve. Specialized type of bearings to suite non-standard operating conditions involving temperature, extra heavy loading or other field conditions are available. All housings are equipped with inlet cones designed of smooth air flow into accompanying intake rim of the fan impeller. The matching pair of intake cone and wheel rim operate as a unit for best air flow.

Cabinent Fans

Centrifugal Cabinet type fans are available with or without filter section. Cabinets are fabricate from M.S sheets with reinforced members to withstand the required duty. Cabinets are available both in single and double skin configurations.

Choice of Impellers

Backward incline
Backward Curved