Removes dust and other particles
from processing operations.
Special design features.
Unique externally tangent inlet for
most effective product/air entry

The centerline of the inlet is tangent to the outside edge of the cyclone. This smooth introduction of the product stream reduced turbulence and increases efficiency.

The cyclone barrel fits down inside the cone at the assembly joint. The welded angle ring with the inside overlap produces and air and water leak proof fit.

Gauge of material varies with job requirements for cyclones. Various gauges and design options are available for all sizes

High Efficiency Cyclones

These low volume cyclones (100 to 1,000 CFM) are especially well-suited for the:
Flour Milling
Pet Food
Chemical Industries

The aerotech Packaged Dust Collectors are complete, automatic dust extraction and collection unit. The unit is contained in a single cabinet complete with fan, fiters, filter shaker, dust collection hopper and starter. The unit is constructed from M.S. sheet, angles and channels having welded and sealed joints.

Cyclones are available in special materials for all sizes.
Cyclone effiency is affected by quality of workmanship, size of cyclone for a given air volume, particle size to beseparated, particle humidity, temperature, discharge fittings and cyclone design.
We Control the design and quality of workmanship to assure you of the best possible collector available.