Hi-Pressure Blowers

Sizes 12 to 66
Static Pressure up to 60 inches in
single stage
100 to 50,000CFM
Available Both in Direct & Belt-
Drive Configurations
Sturdy Constructions
Guaranteed Performance

Industrial fans are manufactured in a wide choice of sizes, arrangements and wheel types to meet air volume, pressure and temperature requirements.

Industrial fans are ruggedly built, designed for continuous duty operating under severe conditions required for material handling or exhausting hot dirty fumes or gases.

Properly sized shaft and bearings of heavy duty, self-aligning type. The fan shafts are properly sized and are made of carbon steel 1040. Close tolerances are maintained where the shaft makes contact with bearings and fan wheel hub .Bearings are either ball or roller type dependent upon the size and class to fan involve. Specialized type of bearings to suite non-standard operating conditions involving temperature, extra heavy loading or other field conditions are available.