Roof Ventilator Fans

  • Fan Without Motor
  • Maintenance Free
  • Save Energy

Roof Ventilator rotating turbine action, removes convected heat build up in roof voids and induces fresh air to flow into the building producing a substantial cooling effect both on people and the environments. The positive extraction system eliminates a down-draught into the building and ensures cleaner and healthier environments.

The cost effective and efficient ventilation system is ideal for factories, workshops, warehouses, agriculture applications, schools , hostels and domestic houses.


  • No Electric Consumption
  • No Operational Cost
  • Quiet Operation
  • Long Service Life
  • Colorful Appearance
  • Maintenance Free
  • Sealed Bearings, No Lubrication Required
  • Natural wind drives, operates whole day
  • High Senstivity, slight wind put it in operation

Roof Ventilator is constructed from rust resisitance, light weight, aluminium alloy. Balanced vertical wind vanes and quiet double row sealed bearings. Size 6 to 18 are kept in stock. Size 20 to 30 are made on order.

Square base with round neck to fit the roof ventilator.